Beautiful feet with stylish shoes

Katheryn Elizabeth “Katy” Hudson is popular among her fans as Katy Perry is one of the most beautiful as well as successful songwriter, singer and actress of American origin.  In spite of being so much talented her beginning years in the industry was not like a flawless flower garden, rather it started with a disaster.  Her first album on gospel music with Red Hill Records failed commercially. She moved to Los Angeles after that and started her career as secular artist and she story of success in the music world started right from there.
Apart from having a golden voice she is having a very sexy figure with an angelic face. Her brilliant figure with lovely along with awesome beauty made her a popular name of the Hollywood industry. 
She gained huge popularity in the industry for her beautiful feet and she never misses a single chance to flaunt her legs in the public.  If you want to look stylish just like her then it's important for you to know about her collection of shoes and the way she carry them in public events and appearances she makes to please her huge fan following across globe. She is having a height of ‎5′ ft 8' inches with shoe size of ‎8 (US). 

What's so special about Katy Perry feet?

She is known to have one of the most beautiful feet in this world. The level of perfection her feet are having is hard to find in real life. She is very well aware about her beauty and so she loves showing off her beauty to her fans when she makes public appearances. She is having feet with clean flat surface and toes with perfect shape. You will be quite surprised to know that just like many other fans from different corners of the globe showed their willingness to get a clear view of her lovely feet. Some of the fans are so crazy for her that they did not mind opening fan page in Facebook for her where they share their deep and true feelings for her. Katy Perry's feet are actually famous in foot fan communities.

Sneak peak on Katy Perry outstanding collection of shoes in closet

There is no choice left with her other than concentrating on having a wonderful collection of shoes in her closet. Her fans are so much crazy about her and especially her feet that she has left with no option other that concentrating on making her feet look more sexy stylish with right selection of shoes. As per the report from media end she is having shoe collection which is worth close to $2.8 million. Yes, you heard it right, and we understand for middleclass people cannot dream to have such a lavish collection. But, she can as she earns more than enough to hold such fabulous closet filled with shoes.
She is very fond of pumps and platforms. In pumps she prefers the most peep-toe ones. Apart from platforms she is madly in love with boots and having wide collection of stylish lace up boots, motorcycle boots, besides ankle boots. She is having endless collection of platform sandals, strappy sandals and other different styles of sandals. She takes the best care for her feet and that what makes her feet looks awesome.